Friday, September 26, 2014


Presenter, in Marketplace.

This documentation is still under construction. Please check back often until this text no longer exists. Thank you!

When you're giving classes or presentations in an environment like Second Life, apart from typing the text that is the content of your presentation, you also need to pay attention to questions being asked in local chat, plus the work your students may be doing in-world and also, possibly, some private messages with more questions or comments. If you have your notes already prepared, something that allows you to output your presentation text from a notecard to local chat helps you to focus on your audience's needs.

I began developing this tool as a simple notecard-echo tool. Then I thought, "Why not add chat modes, so I can select if the lines will be Whispered, Said, Shouted, Owner Said, or just displayed to me?" And so I added these features. After that, I realized that it could be more convenient if I added multi-notecard support. Then I developed a simple image projector/viewer, separate from the note reader, so that I could display diagrams and other images in my classes. In the end, I put this all together in a single tool, and added a few more features. The end product is what you have in this tool.

Many thanks to DeAnn Dufaux and Pedro Oval for their help testing this tool before its first release, as well as for their valuable input and suggestions (both for the tool and this documentation). Thanks also to Graham Dartmouth and Eleanora Newell for their suggestions, which are part of the latest update. Special thanks to Ansel Artful, for his ideas about the user interface as well as for helping me complete the documentation and reviewing it.


And this is all. I hope that you find this tool useful.

-- Auryn Beorn

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