Quick Start

To use your Presenter for the first time, we recommend you go to a location where you can rez objects, and where there are not other avatars around who might be bothered by having a bunch of messages appear in local chat.

Begin by opening the [Black Tulip] Presenter folder in your Inventory. You will see four copies of the Black Tulip] Presenter HUD – one for each corner HUD attachment point: top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. Choose the one you would like to use, and wear it. It will attach to the appropriate HUD attachment point on your viewer screen. We will see what the various parts of the HUD do later in this document.

Next, locate the [Black Tulip] Image Display Screen (rez) in the folder, and rez it in world near your avatar. Move yourself or the screen so you can see the white surface of the screen. Open your Local Chat window if it is not already open.

Now, click the blue button on the left side of the HUD labeled Load NC and a dialog menu will appear. Select the SamplePresentation included in the dialog menu. Once the notecard is loaded, you'll see this text :: Starting Class (Click!) ::.

Note the large green SEND arrow near the top of the HUD. This is the main control you will use to cause lines from your presentation content notecards to be said in local chat (or other functions to be performed, as we will see later). From now on, we will call this the SEND button. Click the green SEND button now, and you will see the first line of the SamplePresentation notecard appear in local chat. Note that the same line is displayed in the top red panel on the HUD, and the next line of the notecard is now shown in the middle panel.

Continue clicking the SEND button. When you come to the message that says, "Now let's try sending an "ad hoc" comment..." follow the instructions on the next couple of lines. You should see your typed chat comment appear in local chat, in green text, just as if it had been read from the notecard.

Continue reading through the SamplePresentation notecard, until you see the diagram displayed that shows the Presenter HUD. Study this diagram for a few moments, as this will make it much easier to learn the various functions designed into the Presenter. This diagram is also included in the Black Tulip Presenter folder for convenient future reference.

Now keep clicking the SEND button. More lines are output, more images are projected to the Image Display Screen, and two sample objects are automatically rezzed. Once you reach the end of the SamplePresentation notecard, if you continue to click the SEND button the lines are output again from the beginning. This exercise has illustrated the HUD's basic use.

Don't forget to clean up the area after your presentation is complete (delete the two sample objects and the Image Display Screen).