• Copies lines of text (i.e. presentation content) from notecards to open chat
  • HUD incorporates three display panes:
    • "Just Sent" pane shows text most recently said to your audience
    • "Next to be Sent" pane shows text about to be said
    • "Preview" pane allows you to view any part of your presentation in advance
  • Dynamically inserts "ad hoc" comments into the output stream (e.g. answer questions on the fly)
  • Text can be Whispered (10m range), Said (20m range) or Shouted (100m range)
  • Output can be silenced, so unwanted lines from the notecard can be skipped (suppressed from the output)
  • Output can be sent to just the Owner, appearing in the Owner's chat window
  • Supports comment lines that won't be read to your audience
  • Outputs long paragraphs of text, up to 1024 characters (not the typical 255 character limit of other tools)
  • Dynamically loads multiple notecards
  • Special feature to output properly formatted LSL script code blocks


  • Rezzable, resizable Image Display Screen provided
  • Displays your diagrams, photos, or any other graphics for viewing by your students.
  • Easily integrates the display of images into the flow of your presentation
  • Displays a visible pointer by simply clicking on the screen
  • Multiple Image Display Screens can be rezzed, and different images sent to each
  • Choose from a variety of transition effects between images
  • Dynamically adjusts aspect ratio for each image
  • Supports animated textures
  • Optionally generates a variety of particle effects when an image is displayed
  • Optionally plays a sound file when an image is displayed


  • Objects from your inventory can be rezzed in a position relative to your Avatar (range 10m)
  • Easily integrates the rezzing of objects into the flow of your presentation
  • Objects can be rezzed in any rotation desired


  • Reads the next line from the notecard into chat, or...
  • Go back one or more lines to repeat some material
  • Skip back to the beginning of the notecard
  • Allows presenter to preview the lines of material independently of sending the lines to chat
  • Line counters show sequence numbers of line just read and line being previewed
  • Click the HUD to make it transparent
  • Minimize the HUD to get it out of the way temporarily